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Puddenhill Activity Centre Featured Photo

MeF 2015 550 amhairc 2:21
Puddenhill Activity Centre
Gníomhaíochtaí Laistigh

Puddenhill Activity Centre has a lot to offer to children. Being one of the biggest indoor playgrounds in Ireland, it allows kids to...

Mellowes Adventure Featured Photo

Iúi 2013 4.7K amhairc 1:26
Mellowes Adventure
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Children really enjoy the day on their school tour. Lots of activity and great variety. Children are kept active and engaged. The...

Causey Farm Featured Photo

MeF 2017 1.6K amhairc 2:45
Causey Farm
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Every year thousands of Irish students get back to their roots here at Causey Farm – this is brilliant for educational and fun...

Brú na Bóinne [Newgrange & Knowth] Featured Photo

MeF 2013 20.2K amhairc 2:46
Brú na Bóinne [Newgrange & Knowth]
Ionaid Oidhreachta

The Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre (Palace of the Boyne) is the starting point for all visits to the monuments of the UNESCO World...

GK Stage Academy Featured Photo

GK Stage Academy

At GK Stage Academy, we can tailor make a package to suit your school’s needs, from musical choreography, to fund raising events,...

Rock Farm Slane Featured Photo

Sam 2017 657 amhairc 2:09
Rock Farm Slane
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

The Rock Farm Slane provide students insights into the day-to-day running of an organic farm and ecotourism business and will...

Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre Featured Photo

MeF 2015 5.7K amhairc 1:41
Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre
Ionaid Oidhreachta

The Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre is located in the recently restored 18th century Oldbridge House, which is on the battle site....

Tayto Park Featured Photo

Mei 2019 21.1K amhairc 0:57
Tayto Park
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Tayto Park have specially tailored education packages for both secondary and primary school students. Their packages vary from syllabus...

Trim Castle Featured Photo

Ean 2017 1.5K amhairc 2:32
Trim Castle
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Trim Castle, the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, was constructed over a thirty-year period by Hugh de Lacy and his son Walter....

Martry Mill Featured Photo

Aib 2015 238 amhairc 0:25
Martry Mill
Ionaid Oidhreachta

Are you a teacher trying to find something different for a school tour? Something interesting that isn’t the zoo or one of the...

Hill of Tara Featured Photo

DeF 2013 61.6K amhairc 2:45
Hill of Tara
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Though best known as the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, the Hill of Tara has been an important site since the late Stone Age when a...

AgriKids Featured Photo

Nol 2019 73 amhairc 2:02
Sóisialta & Pearsanta

At AgriKids, our ethos has always been to engage, educate and empower children to be our farm safety ambassadors. AgriKids is a farm...