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Galway City Museum Featured Photo

Fea 2017 99 amhairc 0:31
Galway City Museum

School groups are welcome to visit the Galway City Museum. Plan your visit now to see our two brand new exhibitions. On the first floor...

Krav Maga Explode Featured Photo

Mei 2012 30.7K amhairc 1:14
Krav Maga Explode

Krav Maga eXplode is Krav Maga Global (KMG) affiliate School. KMG is a leading leading organization in krav maga world. Its...

Petersburg Outdoor Education Centre Featured Photo

Már 2012 10.4K amhairc 5:38
Petersburg Outdoor Education Centre
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

A wide range of outdoor activities can be provided for anybody over the age of ten years. On the land, there's Hillwalking,...

Computer & Communications Museum Featured Photo

MeF 2015 152 amhairc 0:53
Computer & Communications Museum
Gníomhaíochtaí STEM

The museum originated from a Galway City Development Board sub-group called eGalway and was founded by the late Dr. Chris Coughlan and...

An Gáirdín Featured Photo

Nol 2018 10 amhairc 2:30
An Gáirdín
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

A visit to An Gáirdín provides your class with a wonderful introduction to the magical world of nature. Children discover how native...

Killary Adventure Featured Photo

Aib 2012 4.3K amhairc 1:16
Killary Adventure
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

At Killary Adventure they have everything you need for a fantastic school trip in Ireland, including over 20 of the most exciting...

Connemara National Park Featured Photo

Sam 2017 11.2K amhairc 3:58
Connemara National Park
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

Situated in the West of Ireland in County Galway, Connemara National Park covers some 2,000 hectares of scenic mountains, expanses of...

Legend of the Claddagh Ring Featured Photo

Nol 2014 61.3K amhairc 10:51
Legend of the Claddagh Ring

It takes special skill and craftsmanship to create an authentic Claddagh Ring. Come see how a Claddagh Ring is made on the premises in...

Coole Park Featured Photo

Sam 2018 485 amhairc 2:20
Coole Park
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

Coole Park, now a nature reserve, was once the home of Lady Gregory. It is a nature reserve of approximately 1,000 acres (4 km2)...

Corrib Princess Featured Photo

Bea 2016 478 amhairc 1:33
Corrib Princess
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

The Corrib Princess is an ideal educational experience for all School Tours and Youth group outing. They will welcome you and your...

Ionad Cultúrtha an Phiarsaigh Featured Photo

Sam 2016 597 amhairc 1:31
Ionad Cultúrtha an Phiarsaigh
Ionaid Oidhreachta

The new visitor centre in Ros Muc in the heart of the Connemara Gaeltacht that tells the story of Patrick Pearse, and brings visitors...

Lackagh Museum Featured Photo

MeF 2016 305 amhairc 1:47
Lackagh Museum

The museum is situated in the heart of Lackagh village, twelve miles northeast of Galway city on the N63, beside Lackagh Church....

Baboró Featured Photo

MeF 2018 722 amhairc 1:01

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is Ireland’s flagship international arts festival devoted exclusively to children...

Portumna Castle & Gardens Featured Photo

Mei 2018 262 amhairc 0:58
Portumna Castle & Gardens
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Portumna Castle and Demesne occupy a magnificent location on the shores of Lough Derg on the River Shannon. Although gutted by fire in...

Pallas Karting Featured Photo

Aib 2017 6.4K amhairc 1:52
Pallas Karting
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Pallas Karting is Europe's largest karting center. They count with a 500m beginners/family track, a 1500m advanced track, and a 2200m...

Galway Atlantaquaria Featured Photo

Iúi 2017 11.9K amhairc 2:43
Galway Atlantaquaria
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

Ireland's largest native species aquarium. Two floors and over 70 exhibits designed to display the wealth of life along the Atlantic...

Dún Aonghasa Featured Photo

Lún 2017 7.5K amhairc 4:43
Dún Aonghasa
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Perched on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic ocean, Dún Aonghasa is the largest of the prehistoric stone forts of the Aran Islands. The...

Fíbín Featured Photo

Mei 2014 152 amhairc 0:23

Fíbín is the biggest and most active Irish-language theatre company in Ireland. They present new writing as well as classic plays in...

Delphi Resort Featured Photo

Mei 2014 36.6K amhairc 2:26
Delphi Resort
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Every year, more than 200 schools choose Delphi Resort for their school tours. For over 30 years, we’ve been inspiring pupils to aim...

Claregalway Museum Featured Photo

Lún 2015 265 amhairc 5:17
Claregalway Museum

Opened in September 2014 the Claregalway Museum & Blacksmith Forge offer schools a wonderful local, cultural and heritage experience. ...

Bodhrán Making Featured Photo

Bea 2020 43 amhairc 2:20
Bodhrán Making

Michael Vignoles takes his wonderful ‘hands-on’ workshop to schools around Ireland, teaching TY Students how to make and play a...

Dartfield Horse Museum Featured Photo

Fea 2017 141 amhairc 0:42
Dartfield Horse Museum

Dartfield is a world away from traditional school tours. Forget about leading bored children around a hall full of dusty exhibits....

Brigit's Garden Featured Photo

Bea 2017 1.9K amhairc 3:09
Brigit’s Garden
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

Brigit’s Garden offers a range of high-quality educational programs for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, youth groups and...

Slieve Aughty Centre Featured Photo

DeF 2018 1.1K amhairc 1:19
Slieve Aughty Centre
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

School tours with Slieve Aughty are fun and educational. Program choices include Farm Friends, Pony Rides, Natural Wonders, Bushcraft,...

Glengowla Mines Featured Photo

Sam 2016 653 amhairc 11:42
Glengowla Mines
Ionaid Oidhreachta

Glengowla Silver and Lead Mines are a remarkable and impressive example of how part of our valuable industrial heritage has been...

Kylemore Abbey Featured Photo

Sam 2016 437 amhairc 1:43
Kylemore Abbey
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Kylemore Abbey is one of the most beautiful castles in Ireland. Here you're class will visit the restored rooms of the Abbey and learn...

Aughnanure Castle Featured Photo

Lún 2017 899 amhairc 2:13
Aughnanure Castle
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Aughnanure Castle is a historic piece of Irish heritage and culture located in Galway county. The castle was built by the O'Flaherty...

Leisureland Featured Photo

Iúi 2018 5.2K amhairc 4:32
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Leisureland operates a large amusement park on the seafront site at Leisureland. Enjoy the carnival atmosphere with an assortment of...

Loughwell Farm Park Featured Photo

DeF 2014 621 amhairc 2:22
Loughwell Farm Park
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

Loughwell Farm Park, Moycullen is a very popular school tour venue for school children from junior infants right up to sixth class, in...

GK Media Featured Photo

Ean 2016 2.6K amhairc 6:32
GK Media

During our workshops students will brainstorm ideas for a short film, write the script, storyboard the shots, cast the actors, design...

Athenry Heritage Centre Featured Photo

Nol 2010 1.6K amhairc 3:00
Athenry Heritage Centre
Ionaid Oidhreachta

A school tour of the Athenry Heritage Centre provides all the elements for an educational and fun day out. Students can learn about...

Study and Careers Featured Photo

Bea 2020 124 amhairc 2:52
Study and Careers
Scileanna Staidéir

Study and Careers are experienced providers specialising in the creative fields of Learning to Learn, Writing, Wellbeing and Careers,...

Burren Nature Sanctuary Featured Photo

Fea 2019 776 amhairc 0:16
Burren Nature Sanctuary
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

Immerse your students in the magical Burren landscape formed over millions of years, through glaciation, erosion and human activity....

Eile Mental Featured Photo

DeF 2017 107 amhairc 1:48
Eile Mental
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Eile Mental is the location for school tours in Galway. Situated just 15 minutes west of Galway city, overlooking Galway Bay, they...

Turoe Pet Farm Featured Photo

MeF 2017 6.8K amhairc 12:19
Turoe Pet Farm
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

School tours at Turoe Pet Farm are guaranteed to be a fantastic day out, meeting the animals and playing in play centers like...

Pure Skill Featured Photo

Mei 2009 12.2K amhairc 4:26
Pure Skill
Gníomhaíochtaí Laistigh

Pure Skill has proven to be a huge hit for school tours from all over the country. Their unique weatherproof indoor fully automated...

Connemara Heritage Featured Photo

MeF 2018 2.1K amhairc 38:07
Connemara Heritage
Ionaid Oidhreachta

The Connemara Heritage Centre is based around the restored pre-famine cottage of Dan O' Hara who was forced to emigrate in the 1840s...