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Roll ‘n Bowl Featured Photo

Ean 2018 515 amhairc 0:20
Roll ‘n Bowl
Gníomhaíochtaí Laistigh

Roll 'n Bowl has the most indoor activities within the Midlands, they cater to all ages groups right up to adults. Roll 'n Bowl is very...

Emo Court Featured Photo

Aib 2015 260 amhairc 0:43
Emo Court
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Emo Court was designed by the architect James Gandon in 1790 for the Earls of Portarlington and is a magnificent example of this...

Heywood Gardens Featured Photo

Sam 2017 609 amhairc 2:27
Heywood Gardens
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

The eighteenth-century romantic landscape consists of gardens, lakes, woodland, and architectural features. It was transferred to State...

Dr. Eddie Murphy Featured Photo

Iúi 2011 530 amhairc 1:22
Dr. Eddie Murphy
Folláine Intinne

Dr. Eddie has extensive experience in presenting to schools (learners and teachers) about a broad range of topics. He has provided...

Midland Escape Featured Photo

DeF 2020 1 amhairc 0:26
Midland Escape
Folláine Intinne

In a recent study of 2,500 secondary school students in Ireland 62% of students rated their mental health as very poor. There are many...