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Glendeer Pet Farm Featured Photo

MeF 2014 2.5K amhairc 7:35
Glendeer Pet Farm
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

Glendeer Pet Farm is the ideal setting for your school tours. An outing to Glendeer Pet Farm is not only very interactive and great fun...

Boyle Abbey Featured Photo

Mei 2019 231 amhairc 3:52
Boyle Abbey
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

An impressive and well preserved Cistercian Monastery which was founded in the 12th century under the patronage of the local ruling...

Douglas Hyde Centre Featured Photo

Fea 2014 638 amhairc 2:58
Douglas Hyde Centre

Dr. Hyde's contribution to modern Ireland is highlighted in the exhibition by the use of informative charts, maps, and photographs....

Baysports Waterpark Featured Photo

Mei 2019 16.7K amhairc 2:38
Baysports Waterpark
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Each year the Baysports team welcomes primary school tours & secondary school tours to Ireland’s Largest Inflatable Waterpark. From...

Tullyboy Farm Featured Photo

DeF 2014 770 amhairc 1:28
Tullyboy Farm
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

They have been catering for School Tours for 20 years now and they often have visitors who are now parents returning with their...

Arigna Mining Experience Featured Photo

Bea 2017 3.1K amhairc 6:12
Arigna Mining Experience
Ionaid Oidhreachta

Arigna Mining Experience is an accredited SFI – Discovery Centre offering accredited workshops and outreach programs for primary...

Lough Key Boat Tours Featured Photo

Lún 2010 2.9K amhairc 2:35
Lough Key Boat Tours
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Enjoy the beauty, tranquillity, and history of Lough Key, onboard our 40-seater boat “The Trinity” a fully enclosed, centrally...

Shannon River Adventure Featured Photo

Ean 2020 116 amhairc 0:53
Shannon River Adventure
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Whether it's part of an end of year school tour, transition year trip, fulfillment of the adventure section of An Gaisce, we have...

Lough Key Forest Park Featured Photo

Fea 2012 11.4K amhairc 2:46
Lough Key Forest Park
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

At Lough Key Forest & Activity Park your class can take a tour through the 19th century servant tunnels which include the Moylurg...

Carrick Cineplex Featured Photo

MeF 2011 231 amhairc 2:56
Carrick Cineplex

Carrick Cineplex offers an extensive range of education and training facilities for both students and teachers. They are working to...

Rathcroghan Visitor Centre Featured Photo

Sam 2017 167 amhairc 4:03
Rathcroghan Visitor Centre
Ionaid Oidhreachta

The Rathcroghan experience comprises of a visit to our award-winning interpretive rooms, where visitors explore the rich archaeological...

Strokestown Park House Featured Photo

Fea 2019 219 amhairc 1:57
Strokestown Park House
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Strokestown Park is a unique historic property in Co. Roscommon in the west of Ireland with many layers of history. This evocative...