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Roscrea Heritage Centre Featured Photo

Lún 2012 1K amhairc 0:58
Roscrea Heritage Centre
Ionaid Oidhreachta

The stone castle consists of a gate tower, curtain walls and two corner towers dating from the 1280s. The castle rooms are furnished...

Mitchelstown Cave Featured Photo

Iúi 2018 1.3K amhairc 5:49
Mitchelstown Cave
Ionaid Oidhreachta

Visitors enter the cave through the original entrance that Michael Condon discovered and descend four flights of steps, from that point...

Killenure Castle Featured Photo

MeF 2015 224 amhairc 0:49
Killenure Castle
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Killenure Castle is a composition of architecture spanning over a period of 450 years. The ruinous monument is the last stronghold of...

Cahir Castle Featured Photo

MeF 2012 1.3K amhairc 1:01
Cahir Castle
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Once the stronghold of the powerful Butler family, the castle retains its impressive keep, tower and much of its original defensive...

Cashel Folk Museum Featured Photo

DeF 2018 185 amhairc 1:30
Cashel Folk Museum

The founder of the Museum was Martin O’Dwyer Bob, one of the foremost historians in County Tipperary. Martin was the Chairman and...

The Main Guard Featured Photo

Sam 2015 45 amhairc 4:46
The Main Guard
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

James Butler, Duke of Ormond, built the Main Guard in 1675 as the courthouse for the Palatinate of the administrative area of County...

Parsons Green Featured Photo

Aib 2018 1.2K amhairc 1:07
Parsons Green
Gníomhaíochtaí Lasmuigh

Parsons Green is a small, family-run park set in the beautiful valley between the Knockmealdown and the Galtee mountains. The...

Wooly Farm Featured Photo

Lún 2016 1.7M amhairc 7:13
Wooly Farm
Gníomhaíochtaí Dúlra

Wooly Farm can visit your school so there’s no travelling time to take into account. We can design a timetable with the school to...

Holycross Abbey Featured Photo

Lún 2013 1.6K amhairc 14:36
Holycross Abbey
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Holycross Abbey is one of Ireland’s national monuments. Guided school tours of Holycross Abbey are offered to Primary and Secondary...

Farney Castle Featured Photo

Mei 2018 312 amhairc 1:37
Farney Castle
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Farney Castle is the only round tower in Ireland occupied as a family home. The first castle was built at Farney in 1185 and this would...

Inspireland Featured Photo

Bea 2013 901 amhairc 6:19

Inspireland Poetry Slam Workshops help young people build confidence in their literary skills, as well as public speaking and more...

Ormond Castle Featured Photo

Ormond Castle
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Ormond Castle is the best example of an Elizabethan manor house in Ireland. It was built by Thomas, the 10th Earl of Ormond in the...

Rock of Cashel Featured Photo

MeF 2010 51.1K amhairc 1:06
Rock of Cashel
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

A spectacular group of Medieval buildings set on an outcrop of limestone in the Golden Vale including the 12th century round tower,...

Nenagh Heritage Centre Featured Photo

Bea 2011 147 amhairc 1:06
Nenagh Heritage Centre
Ionaid Oidhreachta

The Nenagh Heritage Centre is located in two stone Georgian buildings, built-in 1840-1842 as the Governor's House and Gatehouse of an...

Nenagh Castle Featured Photo

Aib 2017 270 amhairc 1:11
Nenagh Castle
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

Nenagh Castle was built by Theobald Walter (the first of the Butlers of Ormond) around 1200. To this day the cylindrical keep adorns...

Redwood Castle Featured Photo

Ean 2012 1.1K amhairc 1:09
Redwood Castle
Foirgnimh Stairiúla

A key visitor attraction in North Tipperary, Redwood Castle is a striking example of a Gaelic tower house. It was home to the Ó...

Famine Warhouse Featured Photo

Ean 2010 3.1K amhairc 3:42
Famine Warhouse
Ionaid Oidhreachta

During the Great Famine, the Warhouse was the scene of the 1848 Rebellion. The house exhibits the history of the Famine and mass...