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Gníomhaíochtaí Ealaíne 52

Gníomhaíochtaí ealaíne agus chultúir do mhic léinn bhunscoile agus mheanscoile le réimse leathan ábhar agus suimeanna, atá lonnaithe in Éirinn. Liostaithe go fánach.

Gníomhaíochtaí Ealaíne
The Ark Featured Photo

Már 2019 432 amhairc 16:44
The Ark
Áth Cliath

A visit to The Ark will provide the children in your primary school class with an exciting and enjoyable encounter with high-quality...

Windmill Lane Recording Studios Featured Photo

Nol 2019 72.6K amhairc 0:50
Windmill Lane Recording Studios
Áth Cliath

With a rich musical heritage reaching back to the 70’s, Windmill Lane Recording Studios have been at the heart of the Irish music...

Uillinn Arts Centre Featured Photo

Bea 2017 196 amhairc 2:28
Uillinn Arts Centre

Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre is a hub of arts activity right in the heart of Skibbereen. Its two main galleries house contemporary art...

Sirius Arts Centre Featured Photo


Sirius Arts Centre

Sirius Arts Centre is a multi-disciplinary arts organisation in the Cobh-Glanmire municipal district of east Cork. It is housed in a...

Lismore Castle Arts Featured Photo

Lismore Castle Arts
Port Láirge

Lismore Castle Arts, a not-for-profit initiative, is a key contemporary visual arts venue in ...

French Theatre for Schools Featured Photo

Sam 2011 217 amhairc 5:57
French Theatre for Schools
Áth Cliath

French Theatre for Schools brings the expertise of 25 years of language learning through drama to your school. All the plays have been...

High Rock Productions Featured Photo

MeF 2013 3.1K amhairc 2:30
High Rock Productions
Áth Cliath

We are dedicated to producing inventive, interactive shows, presentations and workshops for schools. As experienced performers, writers...

Silly Goose Films Featured Photo

Nol 2019 459 amhairc 19:28
Silly Goose Films
Áth Cliath

Silly Goose Films offers filmmaking and music composition workshops in primary and post-primary schools. They offer engaging and...

Glucksman Art Gallery Featured Photo

Fea 2015 1.2K amhairc 4:40
Glucksman Art Gallery

The Glucksman is a hive of cultural activity that includes exhibitions, talks, creative workshops, art courses, a riverside restaurant,...

African Drumming Featured Photo

MeF 2018 271 amhairc 0:39
African Drumming

African Drumming Ireland is one of the leading providers of professional, educational and fun drumming workshops in Ireland. Since 2006...

Tinpot Featured Photo

DeF 2018 15 amhairc 0:23
Áth Cliath

Facilitated by one of their trainers and using interactive online video tutorials, students will learn by doing – working through...

JumpingCLAY Featured Photo

Iúi 2012 2.2K amhairc 3:51

Learning through Play is vital to a child’s development and JumpingCLAY provides the perfect Hands-On Learning Tool through the use...

Movie Maker Featured Photo

MeF 2017 191 amhairc 0:29
Movie Maker
Áth Cliath

In our Movie Maker workshops, students collaborate to script, rehearse, shoot and edit their ideas to create a finished film. Working...

Visual Centre for Contemporary Art Featured Photo

Mei 2011 177 amhairc 9:56
Visual Centre for Contemporary Art

The Visual Centre for Contemporary Art have a wide range of activities and events for primary and secondary schools, in both the...

GK Stage Academy Featured Photo

GK Stage Academy
An Mhí

At GK Stage Academy, we can tailor make a package to suit your school’s needs, from musical choreography, to fund raising events,...

Tempo Music School Featured Photo

Mei 2015 233 amhairc 1:15
Tempo Music School
Áth Cliath

The Tempo Music School, Bodhrán Beats workshops are designed to enhance participants appreciation and love of music. Our workshops are...

Triskel Arts Centre Featured Photo

Aib 2019 11 amhairc 1:53
Triskel Arts Centre

Triskel Arts Centre is a vibrant cultural hub in the heart of Cork city. Their main auditorium is a multidisciplinary space housed in a...

Mobile Music School Featured Photo

Lún 2018 146 amhairc 0:47
Mobile Music School
Áth Cliath

The Mobile Music School runs workshops, extra-curricular instrument classes in primary and secondary schools across Ireland. Over the...

Createschool Featured Photo

Mei 2017 69 amhairc 0:30
Áth Cliath

Since 2001 we have been delivering digital multimedia & music workshops in schools throughout Ireland and are extremely popular...

Irish Academy of Public Relations Featured Photo

Fea 2017 87 amhairc 1:47
Irish Academy of Public Relations
Áth Cliath

Would you like to teach your students all the tricks of the radio journalist trade and then see them in action in a real radio...

Civic Theatre [Tallaght] Featured Photo

Nol 2018 54 amhairc 1:41
Civic Theatre [Tallaght]
Áth Cliath

The Civic Theatre is located in Tallaght at the end of the Red LUAS line, near The square shopping centre and beside South Dublin...

The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre Featured Photo

MeF 2011 1.2K amhairc 7:12
The Market Place Theatre & Arts Centre
Ard Mhacha

Whatever the time of year you choose to visit The Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre, you’ll always find a plethora of activities...

Fíbín Featured Photo

Mei 2014 152 amhairc 0:23

Fíbín is the biggest and most active Irish-language theatre company in Ireland. They present new writing as well as classic plays in...

Brick Flicks Featured Photo

Mei 2016 651 amhairc 0:28
Brick Flicks
Áth Cliath

This stop motion animation workshop involves plenty of hands on learning, combined with some simple demonstrations. Students...

Limerick City Gallery of Art Featured Photo

Már 2012 1K amhairc 2:31
Limerick City Gallery of Art

Limerick City Gallery of Art (Gailearaí Ealaíne Chathair Luimnigh) invites you to see the best of contemporary art through the...

F.E.McWilliam Gallery Featured Photo

MeF 2016 65 amhairc 1:03
F.E.McWilliam Gallery
An Dún

At the F.E. McWilliam Gallery and Studio visits from groups of all ages and abilities are welcome. Facilitated visits are free of...

Glebe House and Gallery Featured Photo

MeF 2018 307 amhairc 16:19
Glebe House and Gallery
Dún na nGall

Glebe House and Gallery is the perfect location for a school tour. They offer several activities for students of primary and secondary...

Simply Music Featured Photo

Lún 2015 152 amhairc 8:47
Simply Music
Áth Cliath

The Simply Music program has been delivered extensively over the last 15 years as an arts-in-education initiative within mainstream...

School of Improv Featured Photo

Ean 2016 13.5K amhairc 1:18
School of Improv
Áth Cliath

Improvisation, or Improv, is a form of comedic theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue are all made up in the moment. ...

Island Arts Centre Featured Photo

Bea 2017 1.3K amhairc 4:54
Island Arts Centre

Each season, we offer loads of free Arts Education workshops to schools in Lisburn and Castlereagh. Take advantage of the opportunity...

Baboró Featured Photo

MeF 2018 724 amhairc 1:01

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is Ireland’s flagship international arts festival devoted exclusively to children...

Kairos TV Studio Day Featured Photo

Mei 2017 293 amhairc 1:34
Kairos TV Studio Day
Cill Dara

In our TV studio, we offer a live TV studio day to second level students. With the Kairos staff help, the students create and produce a...

The Model Featured Photo

Lún 2013 787 amhairc 3:25
The Model

The Model are home to The Niland Collection which is significant for its focus on the north-west of Ireland, through either artist or...

Royal Hibernian Academy Featured Photo

DeF 2014 231 amhairc 1:23
Royal Hibernian Academy
Áth Cliath

The Royal Hibernian Academy is an artist based and artist orientated institution dedicated to developing, affirming and challenging the...

Irish Museum of Modern Art Featured Photo

Már 2016 3.2K amhairc 8:18
Irish Museum of Modern Art
Áth Cliath

IMMA is Ireland’s National Cultural Institution for Contemporary Art. Their diverse and ambitious program comprises exhibitions,...

Artzone Featured Photo

Mei 2018 5K amhairc 1:04
Áth Cliath

The new programme for primary schools' art curriculum recognizes the importance of strong art and crafts education, and set new higher...

Metropolitan Arts Centre Featured Photo

Ean 2017 1.3K amhairc 12:00
Metropolitan Arts Centre

Throughout the year we offer lots of creative learning opportunities for students of all ages. Your class can experience a live theatre...

Inspireland Featured Photo

Bea 2013 897 amhairc 6:19
Tiobraid Árann

Inspireland Poetry Slam Workshops help young people build confidence in their literary skills, as well as public speaking and more...

Team Samba Featured Photo

Sam 2017 620 amhairc 2:24
Team Samba
Áth Cliath

Team Samba is unique when it comes to team-building workshops. Based in Dublin, they offer a fun and interactive way to encourage...

GK Media Featured Photo

Ean 2016 2.6K amhairc 6:32
GK Media

During our workshops students will brainstorm ideas for a short film, write the script, storyboard the shots, cast the actors, design...

Live History Featured Photo

Iúi 2017 1.8K amhairc 2:32
Live History
Áth Cliath

Live History is an international theatre company that aims to bring to life the local history of the different places they visit. All...

Golden Thread Gallery Featured Photo

DeF 2017 140 amhairc 1:40
Golden Thread Gallery

Golden Thread Gallery (GTG) is a medium-scale, publicly funded, contemporary art gallery based in Belfast that is recognized as having...

Afro Eire Featured Photo

MeF 2016 55 amhairc 0:57
Afro Eire
Áth Cliath

Afro Eire drumming workshops for primary and secondary schools provide a fun and easy access to the rhythm for young learners. All...

Songschool Featured Photo

MeF 2017 115 amhairc 0:30
Áth Cliath

Students will collaborate as a group to write a song that will then be recorded by us in the classroom. The song may be a class anthem...

Podcaster Featured Photo

DeF 2019 93 amhairc 14:40
Áth Cliath

Podcasts are a simple and effective way of engaging young people, enabling them to share their stories, opinions and experiences. They...

The Courthouse Gallery Featured Photo

Fea 2018 331 amhairc 6:09
The Courthouse Gallery
An Clár

The Courthouse Gallery offer tours and workshops for school students of exhibitions of work by local, national and international...

Éamonn Cagney Featured Photo

MeF 2016 307 amhairc 13:30
Éamonn Cagney
Áth Cliath

Éamonn Cagney is one of Ireland’s most in-demand music workshop facilitators and works in practically all education sectors...

Cork Pops Orchestra Featured Photo

Sam 2014 939 amhairc 48:33
Cork Pops Orchestra

The Cork Pops Orchestra provides a music entertainment service ranging from wedding quartets to orchestral concerts for schools....

Carrick Cineplex Featured Photo

MeF 2011 218 amhairc 2:56
Carrick Cineplex
Ros Comáin

Carrick Cineplex offers an extensive range of education and training facilities for both students and teachers. They are working to...

Digital Animation Featured Photo

Iúi 2019 29 amhairc 2:39
Digital Animation
Áth Cliath

This workshop combines the craft of classic hand drawn animating with modern technology. Participants work individually on concept art,...

Bodhrán Making Featured Photo

Bea 2020 43 amhairc 2:20
Bodhrán Making

Michael Vignoles takes his wonderful ‘hands-on’ workshop to schools around Ireland, teaching TY Students how to make and play a...

Irish Film Institute Featured Photo

DeF 2018 358 amhairc 2:32
Irish Film Institute
Áth Cliath

The Irish Film Institute is Ireland’s national cultural institution for film. It aims to exhibit the finest in independent, Irish and...