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Damhsa/Ceol 11

Eagraíochtaí éagsúla a chuireann ceardlanna ceoil agus damhsa ar fáil do scoileanna, déanamh bodhrán agus seint ucailéile ina measc, atá lonnaithe in Éirinn. Liostaithe go fánach.

African Drumming Featured Photo

MeF 2018 262 amhairc 0:39
African Drumming

African Drumming Ireland is one of the leading providers of professional, educational and fun drumming workshops in Ireland. Since 2006...

Afro Eire Featured Photo

MeF 2016 53 amhairc 0:57
Afro Eire
Áth Cliath

Afro Eire drumming workshops for primary and secondary schools provide a fun and easy access to the rhythm for young learners. All...

Cork Pops Orchestra Featured Photo

Sam 2014 939 amhairc 48:33
Cork Pops Orchestra

The Cork Pops Orchestra provides a music entertainment service ranging from wedding quartets to orchestral concerts for schools....

The Ark Featured Photo

Már 2019 346 amhairc 16:44
The Ark
Áth Cliath

A visit to The Ark will provide the children in your primary school class with an exciting and enjoyable encounter with high-quality...

Songschool Featured Photo

MeF 2017 108 amhairc 0:30
Áth Cliath

Students will collaborate as a group to write a song that will then be recorded by us in the classroom. The song may be a class anthem...

Simply Music Featured Photo

Lún 2015 152 amhairc 8:47
Simply Music
Áth Cliath

The Simply Music program has been delivered extensively over the last 15 years as an arts-in-education initiative within mainstream...

Bodhrán Making Featured Photo

Bea 2020 34 amhairc 2:20
Bodhrán Making

Michael Vignoles takes his wonderful ‘hands-on’ workshop to schools around Ireland, teaching TY Students how to make and play a...

Éamonn Cagney Featured Photo

MeF 2016 307 amhairc 13:30
Éamonn Cagney
Áth Cliath

Éamonn Cagney is one of Ireland’s most in-demand music workshop facilitators and works in practically all education sectors...

Tempo Music School Featured Photo

Mei 2015 229 amhairc 1:15
Tempo Music School
Áth Cliath

The Tempo Music School, Bodhrán Beats workshops are designed to enhance participants appreciation and love of music. Our workshops are...

Mobile Music School Featured Photo

Lún 2018 129 amhairc 0:47
Mobile Music School
Áth Cliath

The Mobile Music School runs workshops, extra-curricular instrument classes in primary and secondary schools across Ireland. Over the...

Team Samba Featured Photo

Sam 2017 608 amhairc 2:24
Team Samba
Áth Cliath

Team Samba is unique when it comes to team-building workshops. Based in Dublin, they offer a fun and interactive way to encourage...