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Sláinte & Folláine 22

Ceardlanna agus cúrsaí a bhfuil mar aidhm acu sláinte mhaith intinne agus choirp I ndaltaí scoile, atá lonnaithe in Éirinn. Liostaithe go fánach.

Sláinte & Folláine
LifeLine Training Featured Photo

Ean 2019 2.3M amhairc 4:45
LifeLine Training

This First Aid Course for Schools is for anyone with an interest in First Aid and willing to assist in case of an emergency or...

Concussion Coach Featured Photo

Sam 2019 16 amhairc 1:40
Concussion Coach
Áth Cliath

Managing a concussion is a process that can take several weeks and requires specialized knowledge and assistance from all stakeholders....

School Fitness Ireland Featured Photo

MeF 2020 123 amhairc 2:05
School Fitness Ireland

At School Fitness Ireland we endeavor to provide high quality, effective and enjoyable fitness classes to each school we work with. Our...

Dr. Eddie Murphy Featured Photo

Iúi 2011 582 amhairc 1:22
Dr. Eddie Murphy

Dr. Eddie has extensive experience in presenting to schools (learners and teachers) about a broad range of topics. He has provided...

Healthy Lifestyle Program Featured Photo

Aib 2018 10 amhairc 4:58
Healthy Lifestyle Program
Áth Cliath

We would like to introduce you to this revolutionary program specially designed for transition year students or older. The Healthy...

Mindfulness Matters Featured Photo

Bea 2018 2.5K amhairc 2:58
Mindfulness Matters
Maigh Eo

Mindfulness Matters gives students talks and workshops around Ireland teaching children how to use mindfulness as a stress reduction...

SKIPnROPE Featured Photo

Már 2019 1K amhairc 0:38
Áth Cliath

SKIPnROPE provides skipping workshops to gyms, schools, and clubs all over Ireland. To date, SKIPnROPE has carried out over 650...

Aware Featured Photo

DeF 2014 771 amhairc 2:00
Áth Cliath

Aware Life Skills for Schools is a free educational program offered to students aged 15-18 nationwide. It is designed to help young...

Little Medical School Featured Photo

Már 2017 8.4K amhairc 2:32
Little Medical School
Loch Garman

Little Medical School inspires young minds by sharing their passion for learning, health, and careers in medicine. Through hands-on...

Krav Maga Explode Featured Photo

Mei 2012 33.4K amhairc 1:14
Krav Maga Explode

Krav Maga eXplode is Krav Maga Global (KMG) affiliate School. KMG is a leading leading organization in krav maga world. Its...

Warrior Martial Arts Featured Photo

Már 2013 363 amhairc 1:42
Warrior Martial Arts

Warrior Martial Arts offer reality based self defence courses for individuals and groups, tailored to your specific needs. We have...

Gaisce Featured Photo

Sam 2019 317 amhairc 3:47
Áth Cliath

Gaisce – The President’s Award is a self-development programme for young people between the ages of 15-25, which is proven* to...

Budo Martial Arts Centre Featured Photo

Nol 2017 98 amhairc 1:41
Budo Martial Arts Centre
Cill Chainnigh

The Budo Martial Arts Centre teaches traditional Shotokan Karate as taught by the Japan Shotokan Karate Association. We can facilitate...

Hard Target Self Defence Featured Photo

Iúi 2012 1.1K amhairc 3:14
Hard Target Self Defence
Áth Cliath

The Hard Target Self Defence curriculum covers a wide range of self-defence training. Here is a sample of what is covered on a regular...

Krav Maga Extreme Defence Featured Photo

Mei 2010 416 amhairc 7:03
Krav Maga Extreme Defence
Áth Cliath

Krav Maga is a self-defense system that is easy to learn, effective and suitable for most regular people. The techniques that they...

Personal Safety Ireland Featured Photo

Bea 2017 49 amhairc 1:01
Personal Safety Ireland
Port Láirge

This programme helps secondary school students develop increased personal safety and awareness. They will learn to recognise and...

Shona Featured Photo

Bea 2017 251 amhairc 2:06
Áth Cliath

Shona is a project that focuses on helping young girls in the process of figuring out who they are, and where they fit into this world....

Dublin Buddhist Centre Featured Photo

MeF 2013 13.1K amhairc 5:09
Dublin Buddhist Centre
Áth Cliath

The Dublin Buddhist Centre is part of a worldwide community of Buddhist centres called the Triratna Buddhist Community. We are a...

Midland Escape Featured Photo

DeF 2020 9 amhairc 0:26
Midland Escape

In a recent study of 2,500 secondary school students in Ireland 62% of students rated their mental health as very poor. There are many...

Project One Sky Featured Photo

Fea 2020 29 amhairc 1:28
Project One Sky
Áth Cliath

Project One Sky is a human development & wellbeing program designed to nurture resilience and to help schoolchildren to cope with...

Nurture 4 Wellbeing Featured Photo

DeF 2020 15 amhairc 0:16
Nurture 4 Wellbeing
Áth Cliath

The Nurture 4 Wellbeing Programmes for Junior Cycle & TY. ...

Close Encounters Featured Photo

Close Encounters
Loch Garman

Our self defence courses for school children are designed to cover 2 main aspects; how to recognise a situation & how to react in...