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Sóisialta & Pearsanta 30

Ceardlanna agus cúrsaí a mhúineann cumas sóisialta, pearsanta agus féinfhorbairt do dhalta scoile, atá lonnaithe in Éirinn. Liostaithe go fánach.

Sóisialta & Pearsanta
ShoutOut Featured Photo

Mei 2016 1.9K amhairc 2:00
Áth Cliath

The ShoutOut Student workshop is an interactive, dynamic and informative hour-long session where the facilitators explore LGBTQ+...

Develop Me Featured Photo

Fea 2017 171 amhairc 1:32
Develop Me

Develop Me specialises in bringing the highest quality experiential learning training into the secondary school classroom. Through...

Soar Featured Photo

Bea 2018 618 amhairc 0:44
Áth Cliath

Soar creates and delivers early intervention-preventative, wellness workshops for young people aged 12 to 18 years from all...

Pat Falvey Featured Photo

Iúi 2015 255 amhairc 1:14
Pat Falvey

Pat Falvey is one of the world’s leading inspirational speakers. His talks are drawn from his life experience as an adventurer,...

Paula Duggan Balance Nutrition Featured Photo

Bea 2019 156 amhairc 1:48
Paula Duggan Balance Nutrition

Paula Duggan provides interactive healthy eating workshops in primary schools which are tailored to specific age groups and also...

Mark Pollock Featured Photo

Fea 2018 3.4K amhairc 13:23
Mark Pollock
Áth Cliath

Unbroken by blindness in 1998, Mark became an adventure athlete competing in ultra-endurance races across deserts, mountains, and the...

AgriKids Featured Photo

Nol 2019 72 amhairc 2:02
An Mhí

At AgriKids, our ethos has always been to engage, educate and empower children to be our farm safety ambassadors. AgriKids is a farm...

ChildVision Featured Photo

Már 2012 1.2K amhairc 1:38
Áth Cliath

ChildVision is the only educational facility in Ireland for blind and partially sighted children. Their campus extends over 21 acres...

School of Life Featured Photo

Nol 2019 14 amhairc 1:04
School of Life

School of Life courses teaches skills to ensure a great first & last impression in our daily interactions with others. This may be in a...

Young Social Innovators Featured Photo

Aib 2015 4.1K amhairc 3:31
Young Social Innovators
Áth Cliath

Young Social Innovators is a program that aims to empower and support young people to realize their potential as social innovators,...

Young SVP Featured Photo

Aib 2019 1K amhairc 6:16
Young SVP
Áth Cliath

Whether you are at school, a third-level college, or are looking to get involved in your community; the SVP Youth Development Programme...

Junior Achievement Featured Photo

MeF 2016 1.8K amhairc 1:20
Junior Achievement
Áth Cliath

Junior Achievement Ireland programmes facilitated by business volunteers encourage young people to remain in education and help them...

ConnectRP Featured Photo

Sam 2017 162.2K amhairc 8:22
Áth Cliath

We offer students two workshops and peer mentoring programmes in restorative practice. Level One: CONNECT In – Building Relationships...

Euroguidance Featured Photo

Ean 2020 9 amhairc 2:19
Áth Cliath

Euroguidance Ireland promotes mobility, helping guidance counselors and individuals to better understand the opportunities available to...

MatriX Featured Photo

DeF 2019 10 amhairc 0:46
Áth Cliath

MatriX runs self-direction and empowerment workshops for 15/16/17-year-olds in schools all over Ireland. MatriX workshops are fun and...

Localise Youth Volunteering Featured Photo

MeF 2019 199 amhairc 2:17
Localise Youth Volunteering
Áth Cliath

Localise Youth Volunteering enables young people aged 11 to 18 to carry out local grassroots volunteer projects in the service of...

Brilliant Mondays Featured Photo

Ean 2016 1.4K amhairc 0:51
Brilliant Mondays
Áth Cliath

Drawing on material from Stephen's book, Brilliant Mondays 'The Talk' is designed to inspire, entertain and move the audience away from...

Leadership for Life Featured Photo

Fea 2021 1.1K amhairc 1:13
Leadership for Life
Áth Cliath

Leadership for Life is Ireland’s only evidence-based, accredited Youth Leadership programme for under 18 year olds. The programme...

Sticks and Stones Featured Photo

Sam 2011 1.8M amhairc 3:07
Sticks and Stones
Áth Cliath

Sticks and Stones aims to heighten awareness of bullying in all its guises, reveal the misery it inflicts and help break the silence...

LIFT Ireland Featured Photo

Ean 2020 2.5K amhairc 6:25
LIFT Ireland
Áth Cliath

LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership capabilities in Ireland. Schools are a...

Enda O'Doherty Featured Photo

Már 2019 2.8K amhairc 1:44
Enda O’Doherty
Port Láirge

Enda O’Doherty, an inspirational speaker and endurance athlete who has taken on some of the world's toughest challenges. His...

Rayse The Game Featured Photo

Aib 2019 847 amhairc 1:43
Rayse The Game
Áth Cliath

Ray Langan provides educational and entertaining workshops designed to give students insights and strategies to succeed in school....

Sheila O'Malley Featured Photo

Iúi 2014 325 amhairc 1:13
Sheila O’Malley
Áth Cliath

Sheila O'Malley is available to your school to give a parenting talk with an emphasis on parenting tips and skills. Parenting Talks are...

Ben Robu Featured Photo

Bea 2019 91 amhairc 1:43
Ben Robu
Áth Cliath

Ben Robu offers a range of motivational speaker services including life coaching, careers coaching and executive coaching for schools....

Skills Summary Featured Photo

Bea 2019 715 amhairc 1:45
Skills Summary
Áth Cliath

Skills Summary is an easy to use online tool that measures the skills young people gain by participating in non-formal education, such...

The Bike Hub Featured Photo

Már 2016 329.4K amhairc 5:28
The Bike Hub

The Bike Hub fosters social and business activities by engaging with the local community through bike-related projects. We work with...

AsIAm Featured Photo

Már 2014 5K amhairc 1:37
Áth Cliath

Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming...

John O'Shea Featured Photo

Fea 2015 271 amhairc 10:04
John O’Shea
Áth Cliath

In 1977, sports journalist John O’Shea interrupted a successful media career to turn his attention to helping the group of people,...

Road Safety Education Featured Photo

Mei 2018 9.9K amhairc 2:11
Road Safety Education
Maigh Eo

As part of the RSA’s commitment to bringing road safety into all communities, it has set up a Nationwide Road Safety Education...

Enda McNulty Featured Photo

Mei 2018 1.2K amhairc 1:01
Enda McNulty
Áth Cliath

Enda McNulty programs are designed to educate, inspire and activate individuals, organizations and professional sportspeople in the...